Accessibility and Inclusivity

As the DjangoCon Europe team, we are committed to make DjangoCon Europe welcoming to as many people as we can. Although we are a fairly diverse team, it is very likely that we have overlooked something – if that is the case, or if you feel left out by these statements, please contact us! We will do whatever we can to make DjangoCon Europe a welcoming event for you.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to DjangoCon Europe and all related activities such as interaction on Slack or social events.

Talks venue


The main conference venue, Stadthalle Heidelberg, is wheelchair-accessible. While the main entrance itself is stair-free, there are stairs required to get from the main entrance into the main hall.

For this reason, there is a side entry 20 meters away from the main entrance that is also accessible step-free. The side entry is not open at all times, but there is a bell (in 1.5m height) that calls a member of staff to open the door. Inside, there is a stair lift that requires help from a member of staff to operate. The stair lift takes you to a level that allows you to access every other floor level by elevator.

Directly next to the side entry, there is a wheelchair toilet, accessible with the same stair lift.

On the back side of the building, there is a wheelchair lift that provides a second way to enter/exit, but leads to a room that will probably only be opened during break times.

Due to the limited space in the old building, it might be challenging if you have a very large electrical wheelchair. In this case, please contact us and we’ll figure out the possibilities. There is extensive information on the building’s accessibility on the website Heidelberg Hürdenlos. This includes the width of most doors and areas, detailed information on all toilet facilities and much more. We are happy to translate the parts for you that are important for you, so do not hesitate to ask us.

If you are planning to submit a talk, getting on stage with a wheelchair is possible, but not easy and requires planning. Please contact us, we’ll do everything to make it work.

Hearing impairments

All talks during the conference will feature simultaneous speech-to-text transcription. The talks venue is equipped with an audio induction loop system.

Sprint and workshop venue

Our sprint venue is an old fire station. The ground floor of the has been equipped to be wheelchair-accessible and features a wheelchair toilet as well. The ground floor will host most of the sprint activities as well as the food during sprints. However, there is no elevator and therefore the first and second floor, which will host more sprinting space as well as the workshops, is unfortunately not accessible without stairs at all.

Service animals

Service dogs are welcome at all event venues.

Dietary requirements

Each meal served at the conference will include vegetarian options by default. During conference registration, we will ask you for more specific dietary requirements (i.e. gluten free, vegan, allergies, …). We will collect this information and will discuss options with you and the kitchen staff. We are committed to providing a suitable meal for every attendee.

Each social event at the conference that serves alcoholic drinks will feature equally attractive non-alcoholic options.


We will label at least some of the toilets at the venues as gender-neutral for the time of the conference.

Public transport in Heidelberg

All buses and trams in Heidelberg have low-step entry at at least one door of the vehicle. Often, they also have a ramp that can be operated by the driver.

Quiet room

In the talks venue, we will provide a designated quiet room. This room is intended to be a calm and quiet place for anyone who needs to have a break from the bustle of the conference, and will not be used for socialising. We do not yet know if we can provide such a room at the sprints.

Dress code

We do not have a formal dress code. We want everyone to feel comfortable. As long as your outfit is not illegal and does not violate the Code of Conduct, you are welcome to wear whatever suits you best, whether that is national costume, religious dress, business suit, or any other preferred form of dress or decoration.

Financial assistance

We are in the process of preparing a financial assistance program to help participants with ticket and travelling expenses who could not join otherwise.


We will try to provide a free crèche. We will update this page as soon as we have more details on this topic.