Job #16: QA engineer (PyCharm)

QA engineer (PyCharm)

Location: Munich, Germany
Remote: No

PyCharm – is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python.

Together with the team, you will:
• perform functional and exploratory testing of different components of IDE;
• perform usability testing;
• work with users in the bug-tracker, handle requests;
• reproduce problems in new and existing functionality in different environments;
• participate in new functionality discussing, planning and product release.

You are most welcome to our team if you:
• have a 3+ year experience of manual testing of program products;
• are able to write code (at least create simple applications);
• value high quality and convenience of products;
• can detect and reproduce complex problems in functionality;
• prefer direct contact with users in order to help them solve problems;
and especially if you:
• know and are fond of Python;
• have an experience of using PyCharm (or other JetBrains IDE).


JetBrains delivers intelligent software solutions that make developers more productive. PyCharm Professional Edition is a Python IDE that enables Django developers to become more productive, by offering in-depth code analysis tailored to Django. As a tool for professional web developers, it also supports modern JavaScript, Docker, and has comprehensive support for SQL databases. In addition to PyCharm Professional Edition, JetBrains also offers a free and open source PyCharm Community Edition.