Job #2: Open source adopters and contributors

Open source adopters and contributors

Location: -
Remote: Yes

We need early adopters to help us make Kiwi TCMS the best open source test case management system. Your ideal profile is:

* Quality Assurance/software testing manager or team lead
* You are responsible for testing several products and/or
* You execute testing in multiple environments and/or
* You have a mix of automated and manual testing and/or
* You need to keep track of what and how has been tested

Having experience with other commercial or open source TCMS systems is a plus.

You will deploy Kiwi TCMS inside your company and use it on a daily basis. We'd like you to report bugs and issues whenever you see a problem and help us grow the Kiwi TCMS community.

We are also happy to talk to you and understand your testing needs and company workflow before and after deploying Kiwi.

In case you are more into writing Python code and automation testing there are plenty of project tasks and automated tests you can contribute to.

Kiwi TCMS project

Kiwi TCMS is an open source test plan, test run and test case management system. We're using Python 3 and Django 2.

Kiwi TCMS features bug-tracker integration, fast search, powerful access control and of course an API interface.


Alexander Todorov, Kiwi TCMS project lead

[email protected]