Job #20: Python (Django) Developer

Python (Django) Developer

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Remote: No

You are a Python developer with experience using the Django Web Framework. In addition to software development, you also have an interest in DevOps and you can apply your knowledge in making elegant solutions for our customers. You possess and can articulate a clear vision for the project, allowing the customer and your team to effortlessly follow your lead.

Your role in our team will consist of developing new and working on existing projects and we try to create a healthy balance between the two. Working this way we effectively and consistently place maintenance and further development in the spotlight. Quality must remain to ensure the longevity of the products we develop.

We find that quality can be replicated when we, as a development team, also ensure the development of Continuous Deployment & Hosting infrastructure and it’s management allowing flexibility during all phases of our projects. The construction of these continuous delivery pipelines are based on a standardized stack, both for the building and running applications in production.

You should have experience in the following technologies:

• Python (3.6)
• Django Web Framework

Experience with the following tools is not a requirement but a willingness to learn is a must:

• React & React Native
• PostgreSQL
• Docker
• Terraform
• Amazon Web Services

Qualities we appreciate include:

1. Taking on responsibility and ownership on the projects you work on
2. The desire to learn and evolve as a developer
3. Being open to feedback and peer review
4. Someone who isn’t deterred by a challenge or the use of new and innovative technology
5. A pragmatic and respectable attitude when faced with both the chaos and structure of Agile projects.

If you see yourself as a future member of the Lab Digital team, please send your application to [email protected] It should include your latest CV, a brief message about you and your motivation for wanting to join our team. We’d also like to see some of your sample code and prefer you use GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab rather than sending actual files.

If you have any questions about the position then you’re also welcome to contact us directly.

Candidates through recruiters need not apply.

Lab Digital

Lab Digital is an established company with over 10 years experience in the online world where quality and ingenuity are given top priority to the services we provide our clients. We are comprised of diverse team of inspired individuals who are passionate about creating digital products and we are looking for a new Senior front-end developer to join our growing team.

What do we offer?

1. We have extensive experience with all things digital to suit each client’s unique requests.

2. We already work with a wide range of clients including Ahold, Heineken, Innogy, Toyota, Lexus and Agradi, who trust us with exciting and challenging projects.

3. We believe in open source and the benefits that this entails. It is our belief that whenever possible, we should contribute to open source projects as well as consume them.

4. Quality is extremely important to us and by striving for excellence; our products remain reliable, predictable and stable. This allows us to almost effortlessly focus on improving ourselves. Additionally, we consider the three virtues ( to be essential.

5. We are a relatively small organization and one of the advantages is that you will have insight and the opportunity to grow within the company.