DjangoCon Europe, being 100% a community conference, is brought to you by a team of volunteers that changes every year. Tobias and Raphael started proposing having the next DjangoCon Europe in Heidelberg right on the last day of DjangoCon Europe 2017 in Florence and thereafter got this off the ground together with a great team that formed across four countries. Along the one-year journey, many other people who are not listed here helped with many small and large tasks and we’re more than thankful for everyone who got involved in some way.

Raphael Michel

General concept and coordination · Finances · Venue contacts · Party · Website · Sponsorships · Communications

Tobias Kunze

General concept and coordination · Content · Sponsorships · Volunteer coordination · Website · Communications
@rixxtr · @[email protected]

Anna Makarudze

Code of Conduct
Django Girls Heidelberg

Markus Holtermann

General advisor

Norma Driske

Sponsorships · Django Girls Heidelberg · Volunteer coordination

Öykü Gümüş

Opportunity Grants

Sasha Romijn

Opportunity Grants · Code of Conduct · Diversity

Timo Zimmermann

Location scouting · Physical health program · Party