Schedule released

2018-04-23 09:40:00 +0200

We have released our schedule – take a look!

After a bit of shuffling things around, we have released our schedule. As the conference is still a month away, it may still change, but we hope that the overall structure will remain as is. If changes in the schedule are important to you, you can subscribe to its RSS feed to get notified of all changes.

As you can see, we have two slots planned for Lightning Talks, which we’re very excited about. Lighting Talks are very short (3-5 minutes) presentations – everybody attending DjangoCon Europe can give a Lightning Talk (time permitting, of course). It’s a great way to tell the community about a cool project you started, a funny or unexpected way a project failed, or anything else that is important to you! Just keep the Lightning Talks in the back of your mind for the coming weeks, and every time you do something interesting, or stumble upon a (Python, but not necessarily) weirdness you did not expect, consider how you’d put it into a Lightning Talk!

You’ll be able to sign up for Lightning Talks in Heidelberg, no pre registration needed.