Talks and Tickets

2017-12-01 16:40:00 +0100

Lots and lots of good news – today is the start of both our ticket sale and our Call for Participation, so no matter if you want to be a regular participant or a speaker, now’s the time to get started (while the Early Bird tickets last)!


Today, as our timeline so cleverly predicted, marks the start of our ticket sale – as tradition demands, we start out with Early Bird 🐤 Tickets for a reduced price. Early Bird tickets are currently planned to be available until end of January, so be sure to get your’s soon!

Buying an Early Bird 🐤 Ticket isn’t just great for you (woo reduced prices!), it also helps us estimate the amount of attendees we will have, and to give us more time to handle any special requirements you may have.

You will notice that our ticket pricing allows you to input a ticket price of your choice. With the additional money, we are able to make it a more inclusive conference by investing in accessibility improvements as well as our opportunity grant program, helping people with little resources, and/or a lack of representation in our community to participate in DjangoCon Europe 2018. Please choose to give more if you can – you’ll have a very direct impact on how wonderful our conference and our community will be.

Opportunity Grants

We are very proud of our opportunity grant program – this is what you may know from other or previous conferences as the financial aid program. If (either as an attendee or a speaker) paying acommodations and travelling expenses would be difficult for you, especially if you belong to a marginalized or underrepresented group in tech, please check it out.

You have until February 1st to submit your request, to give us sufficeint time to go through requests, which in turn gives you sufficient time to plan your journey, handle visa applications, and answer all questions you may have.

Edit: We have extended the deadline until February 6th! Read more here.


Talks are the main attraction in a conference, especially in a single-track conference as DjangoCon Europe. We will post a separate blog post once we are sure how many talks there will be and what our selection process will look like. We are also currently coordinating with potential mentors for speakers, so if you are on the fence on whether to submit a talk – stay tuned for our next blogposts!

We’re looking for talks and tutorials (which will take place during sprints). To get an idea what kind of talks we are looking for, have a look at our CfP, or at the talks and schedules of the last years!

Our CfP will be open until February 1st, giving you two months to submit amazing talks and tutorials – but since you can edit submitted talks up until the deadline, why don’t you get started right away?

We want to extend our thanks to the (Django-based!) open source projects and for hosting our presale and our CfP.